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CapitalApp is a project in development. It is focused on exploring the use of an app to engage audiences in the multi-layered narratives of a book. In essence, we are exploring the creation of a new form of e-audio-book.

For the past 8 years poet and artist Kenneth Goldsmith has been rewriting Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project now set in New York City called Capital. Capital in paper book form will be published by Verso in summer 2015,

We are working hard to find a way to publish CapitalApp, the app version of the book, sometime after the book is published. CapitalApp will take the book off the page and into the street where audiences can experience first-hand the people, places and themes as they unfold in the storytelling.



Introduction to CapitalApp by Kenneth Goldsmith



About Kenneth



Kenneth Goldsmith (b 1961) is a poet, artist and founder of UbuWeb, a compendium of experimental music, avant garde film, and sound poetry. His is a technological, media-driven oeuvre. In his book, Day, Goldsmith transcribed the entirety of one day’s edition of the New York Times. In 2011 he published Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age and in 2013 he attempted to print out the entire Internet with the help of whoever was interested. He teaches Uncreative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania and in 2012, was named the first poet laureate of the Museum of Modern Art.